words of love 

"Payton has such an eye for the perfect shot. She’s amazing at creating and capturing your vision and producing unique images that are personal to you. Not only does she make you feel so comfortable and natural in front of the camera, she’s being uplifting and raising your confidence from behind the camera! A shoot with Payton is like hanging out with a friend. So much fun! And you’ll be blown away by the final product of your photos." 

Sloan Parker


my philosophy

I grew up sitting on the living room floor flipping through old photo albums and it’s still one of my favorite things to do. That nostalgic, feel good feeling I get when I go through old pictures is a feeling I aim to deliver my to all of my clients. I want to deliver pictures that you bring out again and again because you can’t get enough em - the ones that give you the feels for years to come. 


Adventure is where I am reminded of God’s unending love, allows me to be vulnerable and gives me confidence in the weird and passionate person I am. I want to join you on your adventure, whatever that may be, and would be honored to walk alongside you to capture every bit of it. I’ve found a great sense of purpose in helping you tap into your own inner-adventurer. Maybe that’s just in little ways, like helping your feel some well-deserved confidence during a shoot, happy dancing with you during a huge milestone celebration, or just simply slowing down with you to cherish some real life. 


"this will be a good memory once it's a memory"

Nick Miller