meet me.



 Hey y’all,

I’m Payton! I’m a traveling photographer based in North Georgia. I am thrilled & dang flattered you’ve made your way over to my little corner of the web. 


  //  Some things you should know about me :


  • I got mad love for my people - my family is my rock and I’m always giddy to add to my circle of friends. 

  • I’m always being asked how I’m so tan (shoutout to my Filipino mama for that one) 

  • I could talk about personality quizzes and all things personal development all day long. Type 2 on the enneagram through and through over here. 

  • Avocados and cilantro. So important.

  • Born and raised in the South, I’ve lived my life across blurred state lines. From GA mountains to TN lake days, both states have given me a home and inspired my passion for an out of the box lifestyle. 

  • I’m indecisive and clumsy and get easily excited

  • Laughter and quality time fill my cup but also treasure quiet moments and me time.

  • I’m known for loving an aesthetically pleasing environment. Cowhide rugs, always. 

  • I love traveling and new adventures but Kauai will always be my #1. 

  • I’m a sucker for a good story and documenting one is a dream job for me.  


fancy seeing you here


I feel immensely blessed I am able to meet + connect with such wonderful people through my job. From the emoji filled text messages and social media comments, I get teary eyed over the support and kind words.